About Us


At Jackson Court Mowers we pride ourselves on our 30 years plus of experience in serving the public.

We offer a broad range of petrol / battery  and electrical Outdoor Power Equipment.  In addition we also have a range of hand tools like shears, loppers etc.,  as well as a range of safety equipment.


If you are looking for a Lawn Mower, come in and talk to us and we will discuss with you what your requirements are and we will recommend a solution for your needs after we have determined just what you require.  We  discuss topics like size of area, frequency of mowing, type of grass and other options.  By doing this we can ensure that you get the right machine for the job. We also give detailed instructions on use of the machine and the maintenance requirements. All mowers sold by us come fully assembled and are fuelled and oiled and you also receive a complimentary first service.


If you are looking for a brush cutter, we determine what suits you best, either a bent shaft of straight shaft unit. Also ease of starting, who will use the unit the most, etc. All units sold by us are fuelled and tested and started, witnessed by you. This means that you go home and use the machine right away and get the job done. We offer invaluable advice on how to best use the machine and get the best out of it.


Chains Saws are awesome machines, but they can be dangerous. With chain saws we again determine what your needs are and then select a suitable machine for those needs. We give detailed explanations on the use of the machine and we stock and sell a range of essential protective gear like chaps and helmets with face guard, safety  glasses, gloves and earmuffs. We pride ourselves on knowing that as you leave the store, you are fully informed and have all the information that you need to carry out the required work. The unit comes fully fuelled, filled with bar oil and started with you so that you are assured of its function.


If you’re looking for products to assist with clean ups we offer a range of petrol or electrical or battery operated blowers or blower vacs to assist you. In addition we also offer a range of pressure washers, once again either electrical or petrol driven versions.


We offer free advice on how to maintain your lawn and make it the envy of your friends and neighbours. We understand the differences between grass types i.e. Rye, Kikuyu, Buffalo, Couch etc and how best to look after them.

We look forward to you visiting us and discussing your needs and letting us get to know you and your requirements so that we can ensure that you get the right equipment to do the job.